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There are so many Lowcountry summer activities for every age in and around our beautiful, unique region. From Savannah to Charleston, the Lowcountry offers naturescapes and activities unlike anywhere else in the country.

This year, the Lowcountry summer activities are back in full force and we have gathered plenty that you’ll want to check off your list. 

Events are back and plentiful! Most highlight the outdoors and the beautiful scenery of the lowcountry. Pack the car, load up the kids, and head to the nearest festival or celebration in town—we have you covered on where to go!

There is something special about summer in our area, with locals and tourists both enjoying the water and outdoor activities together in the sunshine. If you’re a local

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Buyer Concerns blog

Last week, Fannie Mae released their Home Purchase Sentiment Index (HPSI). Though the survey showed 77% of respondents believe it’s a “good time to sell,” it also confirms what many are sensing: an increasing number of Americans believe it’s a “bad time to buy” a home. The percentage of those surveyed saying it’s a “bad time to buy” hit 64%, up from 56% last month and 38% last July.

The latest HPSI explains:

Consumers also continued to cite high home prices as the predominant reason for their ongoing and significant divergence in sentiment toward homebuying and home-selling conditions. While all surveyed segments have expressed greater negativity toward homebuying over the last few months, renters who say they are planning to buy a home in

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An important factor in today’s market is the number of homes for sale. While inventory levels continue to sit near historic lows, there are indications we may have hit the lowest point we’ll see. Odeta Kushi, Deputy Chief Economist at First American, recently said of our supply challenges:

It looks like inventory may have hit a bottom (we’ve seen this in the higher frequency data as well). Unsold inventory in May was at 2.5 months supply, up from 2.4.


To put it into perspective, the graph below shows levels of inventory rising since the beginning of the year:

Inventory on the rise


We’re still not close to a balanced market, which would be a 6 months’ supply of homes for sale. However, we are seeing a slow but steady increase in homes coming up for

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Not Your Typical Summer Housing Market

In real estate, it’s normal to see ebbs and flows in the market. Typically, the summer months are slower-paced than the traditionally busy spring. But this isn’t a typical summer. As the economy rebounds and life is returning to normal, the real estate market is expected to have an unusually strong summer season.

Here’s how this summer is stacking up against the norm and what it means for you.


Inventory is increasing.

According to the latest Existing Home Sales Report from the National Association of Realtors (NAR), inventory levels have been rising since February of this year. Looking at the graph below, there’s a clear upward trend, as shown in the green bars. Currently, there’s roughly a 2.5 months’ supply of homes for sale. And while

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Four Incentives to Sell This Summer

While the housing market forecast for the second half of the year remains positive, there may not be a better time to sell than right now. Here are four things to consider if you’re trying to decide if now’s the right time to make a move.

1. Your House Will Likely Sell Quickly

According to the most recent Realtors Confidence Index released by the National Association of Realtors (NAR), homes continue to sell quickly. The report notes homes are selling in an average of just 17 days.

Average days on market is a strong indicator of buyer competition, and homes selling quickly is a great sign for sellers. It’s one of several factors that indicate buyers are motivated to do what it takes to purchase the home of their dreams.

2. Buyers Are

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For many young or first-time homebuyers, purchasing a home can feel intimidating. A recent survey shows some homebuyers ages 25 to 40 may be unsure about the homebuying process and what they can afford. It found:

  • “1 in 4 underestimated their buying potential by $150k or more”
  • “1 in 4 underestimated the increase in value by $100k or more”
  • “47% don’t know what a good interest rate is”

Because they feel uncertain, many young homebuyers have given up on their search, or worse, they’ve decided homebuying isn’t for them and never started on their journey to begin with.

If you’re interested in buying but aren’t sure where to begin, here are three key concepts about homeownership you should understand before you get started.

1. What You

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Home prices have increased significantly over the last year, which in turn has grown the net worth of homeowners. Appreciation and home equity are directly linked – as the value of a home increases, so does a homeowner’s equity. And with these recent gains, homeowners are witnessing their financial stability and well-being grow to record levels.

In more good news for homeowners, the most recent Home Price Expectations Survey – a survey of a national panel of over one hundred economists, real estate experts, and investment and market strategists – forecasts home prices will continue appreciating over the next five years, adding to the record amount of equity homeowners have already gained over the past year. Below are the expected year-over-year rates

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If you’re thinking of buying a home, there really is no time like the present. With today’s low mortgage rates, you have a great opportunity to get more home for your money. The challenge is inventory. Like you, many buyers want to capitalize on these market conditions, and it’s leading to more buyer competition and bidding wars.

If you’re having a hard time finding a home to buy, it may be time to talk to your trusted real estate advisor about a newly built home. Early indicators show new-home construction is beginning to ramp up. While new homes alone won’t be able to fix all of the inventory challenges, this does mean you’ll soon have more options as you search for a home. As a buyer, a newly built home may be exactly what you’re looking for – it’s

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If you opened your power bill in June and asked yourself, “How do I lower my utility bills?,” don’t worry. The simple answer is to make your home energy efficient.

There is no doubt July and August bring the hottest temperatures of the year. Compared to the porch-sitting, brisk weather we enjoy in Fall and Spring, Summer in the Lowcountry has us closing our windows and running the air conditioner 24 hours a day.

So, how can you stay comfortable this season without breaking the bank? In this article, we will teach you a few tips and tricks for how to save on utility bills during summer!

Good news: There are many ways to make your home as energy-efficient as possible. Below is a list of inexpensive, low-stakes investment tips and action items to

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Ready to enjoy the sun, sand, and surf? Find the best Lowcountry beaches with our insider guide here! Our top four picks for Hilton Head beaches (in alphabetical order) are:

  1. Coligny Beach Park

  2. Folly Field Beach Park

  3. Islander’s Beach Park

  4. Mitchelville Beach Park

Summer is upon us and because it is officially beach season, we’re explaining why each of these beaches might be perfect for you. 

Hilton Head beaches offer a variety of experiences depending on the kind of beach day you desire. Whether you want to live like a local on a private, peaceful beachfront...or explore the expansive, amenity-filled beaches that make Hilton Head Island famous, you will know exactly where to go with our guide.

Living on the

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